Progress not Promises

Today, there are still too many girls married off as children or not allowed to go to school; too many women dying of AIDS or forbidden to bank the money they earn.

Over forty inspiring activists from across the African continent, are demanding leaders make progress, not promises for women everywhere. Sign their open letter and join the global fight for equality.

Because none of us are equal until all of us are equal.


Demand more action in the fight against AIDS

Today, about 1,000 young women will be infected with HIV. Tomorrow, it will be another 1,000. One week from now, nearly 7,000 young women will have contracted HIV.

The grim news: AIDS isn’t a disease of the past, it’s a crisis now. The great news: we have the means to end it.


Your law for gender equality

France has launched a global consultation asking for ideas on new laws to empower women and girls around the world. Share YOUR IDEAS now!

The results (including your ideas!) will be brought to the negotiation table at the G7 summit, where leaders from seven of the largest world powers will meet and discuss adopting new progressive laws.


Join the fight against extreme poverty