Sara Harcourt

Senior Policy Director, Development Finance, London

Sara leads ONE’s policy work in development finance, covering aid quality and quantity and domestic resource mobilisation. Prior to joining ONE in 2011, Sara worked at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC for the Global Economy and Development program, and helped launch the Africa Growth Initiative.

More Members of the Policy Team

Ebba Henningsson

Research Assistant, Data Science, Berlin

Jenny Ottenhoff

Senior Policy Director, Global Health and Education, Washington D.C.

Joe Kraus

Policy Director, Transparency & Accountability, Washington, D.C.

Jorge Rivera

Policy Manager, Development Finance, Paris

Katie Ryan

Policy Officer, Global Health, Washington D.C.

Kerezhi Sebany

Policy Manager, Multilateral Institutions, Washington, D.C.

Natasha Somji

Policy Manager, Education, Washington, D.C.

Razaq Fatai

Research Assistant, Agriculture and Inclusive Growth, Abuja

Samantha Singh

Team Coordinator, Global Policy, London